Friday, 3 June 2011

A full cycle

We often hear that life is a cycle and before we die the cycle has to be the short run many things happen in our lives where we left something incomplete and it comes back to us in some form.

The only person whom i thought i truly hate reappeared today after 2 years but then i realised that i don't hate her anymore! I don't even care anymore! This got me to think about how people talk about a cycle but how things actually change meanwhile. With time we grow, learn to accept, forgive and forget...ultimately by the time we reach the end of the cycle, we come across the same things that we encountered when we started but the aim is definitely not to refresh memories or feelings but simple to make us see how we have changed and evolved since.

The feeling of not caring anymore about something that made my life hell is incredible. Being able to face someone against whom you once had grudges and have no negative feelings at all makes you feel good about yourself.

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